October 23, 2014

| 2014 | 2 documents, 2 wooden frames, 43 x 35 cm.

Mos Maiorum was a joint police operation, starting from the 13th of October, 2014. In the framework of the Italian Presidency of the Counsil of the European Union, the operation was focused to identify, prosecute and disrupt illegal border crossing. In close cooperation with Frontrex, Europol and the Schengen associated countries, various law enforcement authorities were involved in this operation, especially border guard authorities. One of the main routes for irregular migration is the crossing from Europe, through the port of Calais, to the United Kingdom. Undocumented migrants gather here to wait for their opportunity to reach, hidden in or bound under a lorry, the U.K. During these days of the Mos Maiorum operation, we rented a similar truck and took the ferry from Calais to Dover. The lorrie was decorated with our personal furniture, to give prospective travelers a comfortable crossing.

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